Garbhakranti vitamin B6 [ pyridoxine ] rich food during pregnancy :

    Pyridoxine [vitamin B6] helps in proper metabolism and provides nourishment to me and my dream baby.

Pyridoxine [vitamin B6] rich food :

  • Wheat whole
  • Red gram pulse
  • Rice parboiled milled


Wheat :

Garbhakranti vitamin B 6 [pyridoxine ]  rich foods during pregnancy

  • Wheat increases vitality.
  • Wheat is a rich source of vitamin B1, B3 & B6; hence it helps in proper metabolism & provides nourishment to me & my dream baby.
  • Chapattis which contain whole wheat are very nutritious.
  • In white bread, many nutrients from wheat are lost.
  • Even brown bread which is supposed to be nutritious has fewer nutrients as compared to whole wheat.
  • Maida [refined wheat flour without fibre] which is commonly used in many recipes is less on nutrition as compared to whole wheat.
  • I should avoid white bread, brown bread and Maida.
  • I should prefer whole wheat recipes.

Red gram :

Garbhakranti vitamin B 3 [ niacin]  rich foods during pregnancy

  • Red gram is rich in vitamin B1 & B6.
  • It helps in proper metabolism and provides nourishment to me and my dream baby.
  • Red gram is rich in folic acid.
  • Folic acid helps in brain development of my dream baby.
  • Red gram is rich in proteins.
  • It helps in muscle building & provides nourishment to me and my dream baby.
  • I should eat red gram carefully as it increases acidity.
  • I can mix red gram with green gram to overcome acidity problem.
Red gram

Rice :

Garbhakranti vitamin B 3 [ niacin]  rich foods during pregnancy

    • Rice is an excellent food source.
    • It is low in fat.
    • It is high in starchy carbohydrates.
    • Rice is easy to digest.
    • According to Ayurveda rice increases vitality & vigour because it is Vrushya.
    • Rice helps in urination and helps me in having normal urination.
    • Rice + Pulse + Cow`s Ghee + Lime [Carbohydrates + Proteins + Agnivardhan + Vitamin C] is a very nutritious combination.
    • Parboiled rice has lots of nutrients.
    • Soup of parboiled rice is a very nutritious recipe.

Rice has following layers :

      • Husk
      • Bran contains B complex vitamins
      • White rice

white rice
paddy rice

  • When paddy Rice is dehusked [husk layer is removed], brown rice is formed.
  • When the bran layer of brown rice is removed, then white rice is formed.
  • As the bran layer contains B Vitamins , the vitamins get removed during milling process.

Why is parboiled rice nutritious ?

  • Parboiling is a process in which after removal of husk, parboiling is done.
  • Process of parboiling helps in entry of vitamin B group which are present in the bran layer into the white rice ; hence when the bran layer is removed in parboiled rice during milling, still the rice is nutritious and rich in B vitamins.

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