Television in pregnancy :

  • I know that television [TV] can be a good medium only if used properly.
  • When I am watching television, my dream baby is also watching television.
  • When I am watching television, my dream baby is also thinking about & grasping the same through me.
  • I will watch only selected good programmes on television, which have a positive message & a positive impact on my dream baby.
  • My dream baby likes programmes………
  •       which are pleasant
  •       which are soft, melodious sounds & music.
  •       which make me laugh & which make me happy.
  •       which make me think.
  •       which make my brain active.
  •       about bravery.
  •       which have a good social theme.
  •       which are scientific & informative
  •       which show adventure.
  • I may watch television maximum for ½ an hour every day.
  • It is not a must to watch television every day.

Watching wrong programmes on television / excessive television
[TV] watching leads to these harmful effects on me and my dream baby :

  • Many programmes on television depict violence.
  • When I watch these programmes of violence the negative hormones in my body increase. This disturbs my dream baby.
  • I should not watch any programmes which my dream baby dislikes.
  • My dream baby dislikes …………
  •       horror programmes.
  •       loud, harsh sounds.
  •       antisocial themes.
  •       crying people.
  •       coward people.
  • I should not watch programmes depicting scenes of horror, murder, violence, crying and cowardice.
  • Television emits certain rays which may harm my health & my dream baby’s health.
  • While watching television, minimum distance from television set should be more than six feet.
  • The room where I watch television should be well lit.
  • Watching wrong programmes on television / excessive television watching makes me lazy.
  • Excessive television watching gets me into the habit of eating unhealthy food.
  • While watching television, I tend to eat more and more unhealthy food like chips and aerated drinks.
  • These are empty calories as they increase the calorie content but do not give nutrition to me or my dream baby.
  • When I am watching television, I need not create in my mind as I create when I am reading.
  • Television does all the work for me and leaves my brain with no work to do.
  • I feel blank when I watch television for a long time.
  • If after watching television , I have to do something where I have to use my brain, it takes some time for my brain to get adjusted.
  • One programme after another, I can just get addicted to watching television, even if the programmes are bad for me and my dream baby.
  • Television is a big time thief.
  • Television steals my valuable time with my family & my dream baby which would have made my mind active.
  • Television steals my precious time of exercise, Yogasana and Pranayama.
  • Watching wrong programmes on television / excessive television watching can also have negative effects on my overall health and hence my dream baby`s health.
  • Instead of watching excessive television, I should inculcate any hobby that keeps my mind & body active.
    • I should read fine literature.
    • I should see the beautiful works of art.
    • I should listen to soft, melodious music.
    • I should see pleasant landscapes & sceneries.
    • I should spend time in the midst of nature.
    • I should spend time with my family sharing & chatting with them.
    • I should spend my time doing constructive work.

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