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Stretch marks friendly

Rasa Dhatu Poshak .Skin friendly Hydration.Nutrition for me and my dream baby .Ensures elasticity of the skin.Vitamin C rich , micronutrients rich.

Diabetes friendly

Relatively low glycemic index hence is diabetes friendly. Tasty. Nutritious for me and my dream baby. Easy to digest Ageedeepan [ Appetiser ] Helps to correct basic metabolism in diabetes. Low in fat .

Heart friendly

Low in fat, Easy to digest, Helps to correct basic metabolism, Hrudya [ gives strength to heart ], Nutrition to me and my dream baby., Does not increase acidity

Breast milk friendly

I must include the following in my diet during pregnancy so that I have good breast milk secretion post delivery to feed my dream baby.As per Ayurveda.


With yoga, I can combat stress & anxiety during pregnancy.Yoga helps me gain victory over my mind and attitude and gain a healthy body.During pregnancy, physical as well as mental fitness is required, with which I can bear the strain of pregnancy and delivery.