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Vitamin B 6 rich foods

Wheat is a rich source of vitamin B 1, vitamin B 3 and vitamin B 6; hence it helps in proper metabolism and provides nourishment to me and my dream baby.Chapattis which contain whole wheat are very nutritious.

Fibre rich foods

Dietary fibre helps in faecal bulking and softening.Fibre increases or regularises the frequency of stool.Fibre is bowel friendly.Thus fibre rich foods make me comfortable and make my dream baby comfortable too.

Morning sickness friendly foods

Buttermilk is morning sickness friendly.Buttermilk is considered as the Amrut on earth and is not available even in heaven (Takram Shakrasya Durlabhaha!)As per Ayurveda, buttermilk is bowel friendly.

Bowel friendly

Wheat is bowel friendly.Wheat increases vitality.Chapattis which contain whole wheat are very nutritious.In white bread, many nutrients from wheat are lost.

Appetite friendly

Rice is appetite friendly.Rice is an excellent food source.Rice is low in fat.Rice is high in starchy carbohydrates.Rice is easy to digest.