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Preconception Lifestyle

Garbhakranti preconception [ before pregnancy ] lifestyle :


  • The mind is developed in child with the help of mother and father’s mind.
  • What the mother listens to , affects the baby.
  • Whatever the mother’s lifestyle or behaviour or diet is, affects the baby’s mind; hence I & my husband should improve our lifestyle by inculcating positive behavioural changes.
  • We must follow Gabhakranti lifestyle.

Garbhakranti preconception [before pregnancy] lifestyle :


  • Ayurveda recommends Yam & Niyam adoption for inculcating good qualities in self and for being happy.
  • Implementation of Yam leads to…….
    • disciplining of mind
    • disciplining of body
  • Yama & Niyam help in purification of body & mind .
  • We must adopt the Gabhakranti lifestyleprinciples like……
    • Truth
    • Discipline
    • Determination
    • Dedication
    • Positive attitude
    • No gossiping or comparing with others

Yam :

1. Ahimsa :

  • Ahimsa means not troubling other creatures unnecessarily.
  • The trouble can be to the mind of the person by speaking bad things.
  • The trouble can be to the body of the person by physical harm.

2. Satya :

  • One should always say the truth.

3. Asteya :

  • One should not indulge in theft.

4. Brahmacharya :

  • One should not overindulge in sex.

5. Aparigraha :

  • One should not overindulge in lifestyle where one spends a lot on possessions which are unnecessary.

Niyam :

1. Shauch :

  • Shauch means purification.
  • Water purifies the body.
  • Saying truth & disciplining mind purifies the mind.
  • Gaining knowledge purifies the intelligence.
  • Tapa [self restraint for good things] purifies the soul.

2. Santosh :

  • Being happy with what one has got after contributing the best efforts and continuing to try further in future is Santosh.
  • Excessive greed should be avoided.

3. Tapa :

  • Tapa means fighting the difficulties and problems which one encounters in journey towards goal and not getting disturbed by same.
  • In Tapa, one continues the journey towards goal.

4. Swadhyay :

  • Gaining knowledge in addition to the one which we gain in school & colleges & in the books by continuous introspection.

5. Ishwar Pranidhan :

  • One should pray to the Almighty for all the success that one gets in the world and use that success for the well being of the others whether family members or other people.
  • Prayer strengthens the mind to keep one balanced in circumstances of grief as well as joy and gives inner happiness.

Gabhakranti lifestyle :


  • To inculcate these positive behavioural changes,……
  • We should have a balanced diet , balanced lifestyle, balanced thoughts and balanced behaviour.
  • We should nurture holy thoughts in our mind and have an inclination towards good things.
  • We should control our Shadripu [ six enemies ] which are………
    • Kama – Lust
    • Krodha – Anger
    • Lobha – Greed
    • Mada – Ego
    • Moha – Attachment
    • Matsara – Envy
  • Control on these Shadripu will increase Satva Guna [best & pure qualities] in me and my husband.
  • This will create excellent quality ovum and sperm.
  • This will help to create our dream baby.

In Ayurvedic text following advice is given :



  • We must pray to the Almighty, respect the elderly & read the holy books.
  • Me and my husband should have a cultured behaviour & good virtues.

Bath :


  • Bathing is purifying, aphrodisiac, life promoting.
  • It is destroyer of fatigue, sweat and dirt.
  • It is resuscitative.
  • It is promoter of Ojas

Urges which SHOULD NOT be suppressed in pregnancy ……..


  • If I have an urge to do the following I should not suppress, postpone / delay them as it will be harmful for my body and my dream baby.

I should not suppress the urge of passing flatus [gas] :

  • Suppression of flatus causes flatulence.
  • It leads to pain in abdomen.

I should not suppress the urge of defecation [stool] :

  • Suppression of urge of defecation causes retention of flatus & faeces.
  • It causes colicky pain, headache.
  • It also causes cramps in calf muscles and flatulence.

I should not suppress the urge of urination :

  • Suppression of the urge of urination causes burning in urination & headache.
  • It causes stiffness in groins.

I should not suppress the urge of sneezing :

  • Suppression of urge of sneezing causes stiffness of back, neck & headache.

I should not suppress the urge of thirst :

  • Suppression of urge of thirst causes dryness of throat, mouth & fatigue.

I should not suppress the urge of hunger :

  • Suppression of hunger leads to weakness, disorder of complexion, body ache and loss of appetite.

I should not suppress the urge of eructation :

  • Suppression of eructation causes hiccups, difficulty in breathing, loss of appetite & tremors.

I should not suppress the urge of yawning :

  • Suppression of yawning causes numbness & tremors.

I should not suppress the urge of vomiting :

  • By suppression of urge of vomiting, there is itching , rashes etc.

Thoughts :


One should stay away from…….

  • Greed
  • Grief
  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Vanity
  • Envy
  • Excessive attachment
  • Undue desire


Causes of all disorders are :

  • Intellectual error
  • Unbalanced use of senses
  • Consequence of time

Similarly the remedy of all disorders consists of………

  • Balanced use of intellect
  • Balanced use of senses
  • Balanced use of time.


  • We will have healthy & nutritious diet and positive behaviour.
  • We will move cautiously.
  • We will be unattached to excesive sensual pleasures.
  • We will donate to others who are needy.
  • We will observe equality.
  • We will be truthful.
  • We will respect others.
  • We will have a clear understanding .
  • We will gain knowledge.
  • This Gabhakranti preconception lifestyle will help me to have my dream baby.