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Garbhakranti plan

Plan in advance ! why should I plan in advance ?
    • In life, even for small things to be done, we always plan.
    • Then why should not I think of planning in case of the most precious moment in my life that is , PREGNANCY ?

Preconception lifestyle, Preparation before Pregnancy

  • Without any preconception [ before pregnancy] preparation, it is like planting a seed on an uncultivated land.
  • Does one ever plant a seed on an uncultivated land?
  • No !

Just because the couple is looking healthy ; is it ready for conception ? No !

Just because the couple is looking healthy ; is it ready for conception? No !

Who is a healthy human being ?

  • A healthy human being is the one
    • whose body is in excellent health,
    • mind is happy and balanced.
    • Thus the one whose soul, body & mind are healthy & at peace can be called a complete healthy human being.
  • If this is the definition of health, then one thing that stands out is that Ayurveda is the science which has thought comprehensively about this association between body & mind.
  • One may look healthy but due to improper dietary habits and lifestyle many toxins accumulate in the body.

Toxins/ Dosha accumulate in the body due to ………..

  • irregular eating hours.
  • mental & physical stress.
  • late night working hours.
  • fast food/ junk food.
  • oily food.
  • spicy food.
  • salty food.
  • aerated drinks.
  • cold drinks.
  • excess fermented food.
  • excess sour food.
  • food containing excess preservatives.
  • smoking.
  • alcohol.

Toxins accumulate in the body

Purification before pregnancy to have a dream baby ; [Garbhakranti preconception preparation] :

  • To achieve this goal ,…………
  • Garbhakranti preconception preparation [ detoxification & nourishment of body ] should be followed.
  • The body needs thorough cleansing before having a dream baby.
  • This detoxification is called ‘ purification ‘.

Garbhakranti Preconception Preparation
This cleansing process leads to……

  • Cleansing of mind
  • Cleansing of body

Cleansing of mind :

  • This cleansing process decreases Tamas Guna [ six bad qualities of mind ] created before by various reasons & toxins…..
    • Kama – Lust
    • Krodha – Anger
    • Lobha – Greed
    • Mada – Ego
    • Moha – Attachment
    • Matsara – Envy
  • This cleansing process increases Satva Guna [ best & pure qualities] in the couple and creates an excellent baby.
  • Enrichment with Satva Guna makes the person Satvik.
    • Satvik people are confident.
    • These people have good memory and concentration.
    • Satvik individuals avoid offensive language.
    • These people are not greedy or selfish.
    • Satvik individual is respectful.
    • They are never jealous.
    • Satvik people do not cheat or mislead anyone.

Cleansing of body :

Cleansing of body:

  • This consists of Poorvakarma i.e. Snehan & Swedan;
  • Some Panchakarma like Vaman, Virechan & Basti .
  • Poorvakarma like……..
    • Snehan – oleation with medicated oils.
    • Swedan – fomentation with medicated steam.
  • Panchakarma like……..
    • Vaman
    • Virechan
    • Basti

Nourishment for me and my husband :

  • Garbhakranti preconception diet
  • Thus preconception Garbhakranti preconception preparation leads to purification and nourishment for me and my husband ; hence one should start planning minimum three months before pregnancy as the above detoxification & nourishment of body to prepare for pregnancy would take minimum three months.

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