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Garbhadan Sanskar

Ritual of conception : [Garbhakranti Garbhadan Sanskar] :


    • As per Ayurveda, the procedure by which man & woman having healthy sperm & ovum & uterus and desirous of an excellent baby can achieve that objective.
    • Ayurveda ! Yes Ayurveda can provide solution to achieve this goal.
    • Ayurveda which has originated from Veda is the essence of the research of sages & is indeed a marvellous gift given to mankind.


  • The thing one desires in life, like success, career, money, healthy baby & a long life can be achieved by following Ayurvedic principles ; hence every human being who desires to have a healthy body & a long life must implement the principles of Ayurveda.
  • The principles of Ayurveda are still contemporary & applicable to the modern human being.
  • Ayurveda has a deep and scientific understanding of the process of baby development.

Ayurveda…answer to preconception & healthy pregnancy…….

  • The most common problem faced by many newly married couples after marriage is the marital relationship, sex and child bearing.
  • This is due to misleading information or incomplete information.
  • Actually marriage is a very special bond created in the society.
  • This not only satisfies the emotional needs of the couple but is also meant to create a healthy baby [ Supraja Janan ]
  • This healthy generation can establish healthy population creating more quality mankind globally.

Rutukal: [ Best period to try for dream baby ] :

    • The ideal time to get conceived is Rutukal !
    • Rutukal is the period starting from 12 days till 16 days after first day of menses.
    • For example : For a 28 days cycle
    • If the last menstrual period is 1st January 2013 then my most fertile period is between 13th January to 17th January 2013.
    • If the last menstrual period is 10th May 2013 then my most fertile period is between 22nd May to 26th May 2013.
    • If the last menstrual period is 30th April 2013 then my most fertile period is between 12th May to 16th May 2013.
    • See my dream baby’s arrival date on home page for ready made calculation of best period to try for dream baby.


    • The later the ovum is fertilized after menstruation till 16th days after menses , the better the chances are that the child will be healthy and prosperous, have good fortune, strength, a good complexion, and strong sense organs.


    • Couple should try for dream baby from 12th to 16th days after the first day of menses.
    • Couple should enter into sexual intercourse loving each other.


    • Incense sticks [Dhoop] should be used to create a pleasant atmosphere.


    • The bed should be decorated with flowers like roses, jasmine which are aphrodisiac.

      !!     Aum Ahirasi Aayurasi Sarvataha Pratishthasi,
      Dhata Twam Dadhatu Vidhata Twam Dadhatu
      Brahmavarchasa Bhaveti     !!

      Mother and father both should recite this Garbhadan Mantra before intercourse  :

    • My dream baby can listen to me and my dream baby learns the best when it is in my tummy as concentration is the best.
    • I must talk to my dream baby every day.
    • This is a mantra which will help me in the good development of my dream baby.
    • I must recite this mantra every day.


Dear dream baby,

  • You are like the Sun which gives light to the whole world !
  • You are our life !
  • You are our prestige !
  • Let almighty protect you !
  • Let you get all the divine qualities !
  • Almighty we pray to you to confer all your divine qualities on our dream baby !