Garbhakranti milk & milk products :

milk & milk products

Cow’s milk :

Garbhakranti milk & milk products

  • Milk is recommended by Ayurveda in preconception diet [diet before pregnancy] as milk increases vitality.
  • It helps in Shukra Dhatu growth and helps in forming good quality ovum.
  • It helps in Shukra Dhatu growth & helps in formation of good quality sperms.
  • I must have 1 glass of milk everyday during nine months of pregnancy.
  • It helps in growth of my dream baby.
  • Milk is a good source of vitamins & minerals like calcium; hence it strengthens my bones & my dream baby`s bones.
  • It has good quality proteins; hence milk helps in muscle building & provides nourishment to me and my dream baby.
  • As per Ayurveda , milk improves my skin complexion.
  • Milk provides nourishment to my brain.
Cow’s milk

Curd :

Garbhakranti milk & milk products

  • As per Ayurveda, curd helps to increase my appetite.
  • As recommended in Ayurveda, I should eat curd in moderate quantity as it is heavy to digest.
  • It should be taken preferably during the day, with lunch and not in night.
  • Sweet curd is preferable as compared to sour curd.

Buttermilk :

Garbhakranti milk & milk products

  • Buttermilk is considered as the Amrut of earth and is not available even in heaven [ Takram Shakrasya Durlabhaha ! ]
  • Equal quantity of water is added to curd and churned well, is called the butter milk. A small pinch of salt and black pepper is added for taste.
  • As per Ayurveda, buttermilk is bowel friendly.
  • It helps to increase appetite.
  • According to Ayurveda , buttermilk eliminates toxins from body.
  • I should have 1 glass of buttermilk every day after lunch.

Loni [Home made butter] :

Garbhakranti milk & milk products

  • As per Ayurveda, Loni gives nourishment to my dream baby in pregnancy.
  • It increases strength.
  • It improves my skin complexion.
  • It helps to increase my appetite.
  • According to Ayurveda, Loni helps to improve Dhi [intelligence].
  • It increases vitality.
  • I should make Loni a part of my preconception diet.
  • I should make Loni a part of my pregnancy diet.

Cow’s milk ghee :

Garbhakranti milk & milk products

    • Goghruta means cow`s milk ghee.
    • Being aphrodisiac it is recommended by Ayurveda in pre conception diet, as it increases vitality.
    • According to Ayurveda, Goghruta increases Oja and Shukra; hence it boosts my immunity [resistance power].
    • It helps in good growth of my dream baby by Rasa Dhatu Poshan which means nourishment.
    • As per Ayurveda, it is recommended to consume Goghruta throughout all 9 months of pregnancy in moderate quantity.
    • Goghruta  helps to increase intelligence–Dhi.
    • It refines the intellect-Buddhi.
    • It helps to improve memory – Smruti.
    • It improves skin complexion.
    • It helps to build an aura.
    • Goghruta  alleviates Pitta and Vata & is beneficial for Rasa, semen & Ojas.
    • Cow`s milk ghee is cooling, softening.
    • It improves voice.

Procedure to prepare cow`s ghee :

Procedure to prepare cow`s ghee

    • I will remove the cream of milk everyday till a sufficient amount of cream accumulates.
    • Then I will mix this cream in small amount of curd and keep it overnight.
    • Next day, I will churn [manthan sanskar] the curd so that the cream comes to surface.
    • This process will be repeated again and again till the cream is thick.
    • This thick cream is Loni. [This is home made  butter].
    • This Loni will be removed and it will be heated on a slow flame.
    • Heating will liquefy Loni and cow`s milk ghee will be formed.
Cow’s milk ghee

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  1. muthu said on December 2, 2012 Reply

    got nice advice on what to eat. would like to know what is loni?

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