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    An amount equivalent to 10?mg NC was accurately weighed and placed in a 10?ml volumetric flask CASK to prepare a 1?mg/ml solution in methanol. Fifty microliters of NC solution (1?mg/ml) was added to 5?ml distilled water to yield a theoretical concentration of 10?mg/ml. The sample was measured at ��max 244?nm by a UV spectrophotometer (HACH DR/4000, USA) and NC concentration was calculated from the standard curve prepared simultaneously. For each system as well as plain NC, dissolution was run in triplicate. An accurately weighed amount of the prepared inclusion complex contained 20?mg NC that was placed in each vessel in a modified USP dissolution basket covered with the stainless steel screen (mesh size 100?��m) (Pharmatest PT-DT7, Germany). Dissolution was carried out in 900?ml dissolution medium (0.1?N HCl pH 1.2, Sorenson buffer pH 6.8). The basket was rotated at 100?��?5?rev/min, and the dissolution medium maintained at 37?��C. One-milliliter aliquot samples were withdrawn with replacement at 5, 10, 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, and 120?min. Samples were filtered by using 0.45?��m, millpore? and properly diluted prior to measuring their absorbance at 244?nm (Takka et al., 1998). The corresponding concentrations were determined from the linear regression equation of the standard curve run simultaneously. On the other hand, dissolution test for the prepared tablets was carried out using USP dissolution apparatus II. The dissolution medium was 900?ml 0.1?N HCl for 2?h and then changed to CPI-637 concentration Sorenson buffer pH 6.8 for addition 6?h. Other dissolution conditions (temperature and rotation speed) were kept the same as for the plain NC and the inclusion complex. Data from the in vitro drug release were analyzed by different equations and kinetic models in order to evaluate the release mechanism of NC from the matrices. The kinetic models used were: (a) Korsmeyer and Peppas model (1981) (b) Peppas OICR-9429 and Sahlin equation (1989): The drug percentage due to Fickian diffusion mechanism (F) is clearly calculated as: equation(3) F=11+K2K1tm All the data were statistically analyzed by two-tailed t-test Student two tails by SPSS statistical software (SPSS Version 13). Results are quoted as significant where p?<?0.05. Fig. 1 summarizes the DSC for all complexes examined versus plain NC and the carrier HP��CD and GMS. The thermogram of the evaporated complex NC:HP��CD shows disappearance of the characteristics NC melting peak at 172.2?��C, while that peak is shifted in the kneaded complex to lower temperature (163.8?��C). This suggests that NC is totally entrapped inside HP��CD in evaporated complex and formation of an amorphous solid dispersion (Pomponio et al., 2004). This result indicates that the complex could be accompanied by more suitable dissolution profile along the whole gastro-intestinal tract and allows the use of it in the waxy matrix to get drug delivery system with a sustained release of NC.

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