Garbhakranti Pregnancy Yoga :


How does Yoga help me in pregnancy ?

  • With yoga, I can combat stress & anxiety during pregnancy.
  • Yoga helps me gain victory over my mind and attitude and gain a healthy body.
  • During pregnancy, physical as well as mental fitness is required, with which I can bear the strain of pregnancy and delivery.
  • The good thing is that, Yoga is concerned with mental health as well as physical health.
  • If my heart, lungs & muscles are in good condition, If I know correct breathing techniques , if I am mentally & physically relaxed , my dream baby will grow well , I will have a much easier & safer delivery & hence much faster recovery . Yoga will help me in this.
  • Yoga helps me condition the specific areas and group of muscles needed for a healthy pregnancy & delivery.
  • It strengthens my body so that my dream baby grows well.
  • During pregnancy, unique changes take place as the uterus [body organ where my dream baby resides for nine months of pregnancy] expands to about twenty times its usual size.
  • Due to this, there is upwards and backwards displacement of my bowel loops. This leads to a feeling of heaviness of body.
  • Fear factor and some apprehensions make the mind stressful during pregnancy.
  • To combat all these situations, Ayurveda has given a key to success for pregnant women called Yoga.

Yogasana are one of the parts of Yoga :

  • I should do Yogasana regularly during pregnancy as Yogasana help me as follows :…………..
  • Yogasana make me more energetic.
  • It drives away my mental stress & fear.
  • It helps in preventing and reducing low backache during pregnancy.
  • It provides more oxygen to me and hence my dream baby.
  • It helps in my normal bowel movements and helps in avoiding constipation
  • It increases flexibility of muscles and hence helps in having normal delivery.
  • It helps me keep myself fit during and after pregnancy and retains and enhance my beauty during and after pregnancy.
  • Breast ligaments can be strengthened to help prevent sagging of breasts post delivery.

Basic principles of Yogasana & Dinacharya :

  • Ayurveda has described an ideal, ‘Dinacharya’[activities to be done in a day] which should be followed by a person to have a healthy life.
  • This Dinacharya changes as per the season and is called as ‘Rutucharya’.
  • If I follow this Dinacharya, it will be really beneficial for me and my dream baby.
  • The time before sunrise is called as Brahma Muhurta.


Time of Yogasana & meditation :

    • Brahma Muhurta is the best time for meditation or Yogasana or doing work.
    • The mind is fresh after a good night’s sleep, the atmosphere as well as the mind are serene & pure.
    • There is Satva Guna inside the person as well as in the atmosphere.
    • The best time to do Yogasana & meditation is Brahma Muhurta but if it is not possible then it should be done in the morning hours / evening hours.
    • I should get up early in the morning & if possible before sunrise.
    • Only if it is not possible to do Yogasana in the morning, then it can be done in the evening.
    • Yogasana should always be done on an empty stomach.
    • After getting up in the morning, first basic cleansing of the body like defecation [ passing stools ] , urination etc should be done.
    • After that, I will brush my teeth.
    • Then I will take bath with warm water.
    • After bath, I will pray to Almighty.
    • Yogasana should preferably be done after Pranayama .
    • I should put a carpet on the floor to do Yogasana.
    • Yogasana should not be done sitting directly on the floor.
    • There should be a time gap of minimum 4 hours after eating to do Yogasana.
    • Generally 4 hours is the time taken for stomach emptying hence this time should be minimum 4 hours.
    • I should not eat/ drink water while doing Yogasana.

Attire / clothes during Yogasana :

  • The attire / dress used while doing Yogasana should be loose & comfortable.
  • It should not be skin fit/ tight fitting.

Place of Yogasana :

  • The place should be calm & quite as far as possible.
  • If it is not possible to have a calm & quite place, then that should not stop one from doing Yogasana / meditation.
  • Yogasana / meditation themselves give calmness to body & mind.

Ambience for Yogasana & meditation :

  • Incense sticks [Dhoop] should be used to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Lamp of cow`s ghee [Goghruta] should be lighted at the place to cleanse the atmosphere. Lamp should be kept at a safe place.

Time duration of Yogasana :

Time duration of Yogasana


  • A pregnant woman is like a vessel of oil full to the brim.
  • Just as a vessel needs to be taken with absolute care with careful handling; similarly I should carry myself from one place to another with utmost care; hence I should not strain myself while doing Yogasana during pregnancy.
  • It is OK even if I do not get the ideal recommended posture of Yogasana & I should not strain unnecessarily to get the same.
  • The time duration of each Yogasana should be increased very gradually which should be comfortable to me and my dream baby.
  • Only the following recommended Yogasana should be followed as all Yogasana are not recommended during pregnancy.
  • I can count the duration of each Yogasana by counting numbers and increase gradually.
  • As my dream baby is growing, in the later stages of pregnancy, I may feel tired while doing Yogasana & Pranayama .
  • When I get tired , I should take rest.
  • I should never lie on my tummy while doing Yogasana.
  • Medical advice of my gynaecologist should always be taken before starting Yogasana.

The Yogasana which should be practiced during pregnancy are :

  • Vajrasana
  • Parvatasana
  • Gomukhasana
  • Marjarasana
  • Utkatasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Baddhakonasana
  • Shavasana

It is advisable to practice only the above Yogasana during pregnancy.

Vajrasana in pregnancy :

Vajrasana in pregnancy:

  • Vajra means very strong.
  • Vajrasan helps me become strong like iron.

How do I do Vajrasana ?

  • I will sit straight in a kneeling position.
  • I will slip my toes to join at the back.
  • My heels will be apart.
  • I will place my buttocks in the cavity thus formed.
  • My thighs should be together.
  • I will rest my both hands on my knees.
  • I will take in deep breath slowly [ inhalation ] and take out deep breath slowly [ exhalation ]
  • I will remain in this position for as much time as I am comfortable.
  • I will not strain myself to do this and will go on increasing the duration everyday slowly, steadily and regularly.

How does Vajrasana help me during Pregnancy ?

  • Vajrasana strengthens my back [spine], legs & thighs to bear extra pelvic weight due to my dream baby’s weight & my weight gain in pregnancy.
  • This asana will help me in having normal delivery.
  • It also helps me to prevent backache.
  • It helps in my normal bowel movements & helps in avoiding constipation.
  • Vajrasana can be my sitting position after lunch as well as dinner [ at home ] instead of sitting in chair.
  • It helps in digestion.


Parvatasana in pregnancy :

  • Parvata means mountain.

How do I do Parvatasana ?

  • I will sit in Vajrasana.
  • Taking deep breath slowly, I will raise my both hands stretching upwards & lock my fingers.
  • I will hold my breath for a moment.
  • I will breathe out slowly [exhale] & relax to normal.
  • I will do this for as much time as I am comfortable without straining.

How does Parvatasana help me ?

  • Parvatasana helps to relieve backache.
  • It strengthens my chest muscles.
  • It provides more oxygenated blood to my body & hence to my dream baby which is essential during pregnancy.

Parvatasana in pregnancy

Gomukhasana in pregnancy :

Gomukhasana in pregnancy

  • Gomukha means the face of cow.

How will I do Gomukhasana ?

  • I will sit in Sukhasana [ my both legs in folded condition as shown in Dhyana position ]
  • I will raise my right arm, simultaneously turn left hand, take behind & try to catch both hands with fingers as much as possible without straining.
  • I will lock both hands with the help of my fingers.
  • It may not be possible to go to the condition of locking the fingers of both hands due to development of my body during pregnancy.
  • I will try to maintain this posture for five seconds to ten seconds as per my tolerance without straining.
  • I will repeat on the other side by raising left arm.

How does Gomukhasana help me in pregnancy ?

  • Gomukhasana provides flexibility to my shoulders & cervical spine.
  • It tones up my chest [pectoral] muscles and leads to deeper breathing.
  • It helps in providing more oxygen to me and my dream baby.
  • Gomukhasana is especially useful, as after pregnancy breasts tend to lose their tone.
  • It helps in toning of breast holding ligaments.


Marjarasana in pregnancy :

  • Marjara means cat .
  • The alternate convex and concave postures of spine that a cat does are useful for the flexibility of the spine.

How do I do Marjarasana?

  • I will bend on both knees.
  • Taking deep breath, I will stretch back spine upwards to make concave [ curved inside , dipped ] shape & hold inhaled breath for 10 to 15 seconds, then relax by taking breath out [exhale].
  • Now I will repeat the same with giving a convex [ curved outside, rounded ] shape to the spine & raise head upwards , hold breath for 10 to 15 seconds. Then I will relax by taking breath out [exhale].

How does Marjarasana help me ?

  • Marjarasana strengthens the spine [ backbone ] ligaments & provides extra flexibility to pelvic [ waist ] muscles to tackle the backache due to dream baby weight gain during pregnancy.

Marjarasana in pregnancy
Marjarasana in pregnancy

Utkatasana in pregnancy :

Utkatasana in pregnancy:
How do I do Utkatasana ?


  • I will stand erect keeping feet parallel.
  • I will raise both hands parallel keeping palms down facing to floor.
  • Simultaneously I will take breath slowly.
  • I will try to sit in squatting position in a standing position only.
  • Simultaneously I will take breath out slowly [exhale].
  • I will do this Asana for as much time as I am comfortable without straining myself.

How does Utkatasana help me ?

  • Utkatasana strengthens my pelvic and thigh muscles to combat extra weight gain in pregnancy.
  • It helps in preventing low backache.
  • It helps in normal delivery.

Utkatasana in pregnancy

Trikonasana in pregnancy :

  • Trikona means triangle.

How do I do Trikonasana ?

  • I will stand erect keeping both feet apart at a moderate distance.
  • I will take breath in simultaneously [inhalation].
  • I will fold right hand in elbow & I will keep right hand on my waist simultaneously.
  • I will raise my left hand upwards and try to bend body on right side in the same plane.
  • I will try to remain in this position till the time I am comfortable.
  • Slowly by taking breath out [exhalation], I will resume to normal position.
  • I will repeat the same process on the other side.

How does Trikonasana help me ?

  • Trikonasana strengthens my back [spine ligaments] & provides extra flexibility to pelvic muscles to tackle the backache due to weight gain during pregnancy.

Trikonasana in pregnancy

Baddhakonasana in pregnancy :

How do I do Baddhakonasana ?

  • I will sit with both legs outstretched.
  • I will take in breath slowly [inhalation] & drag both feet towards groin to touch them at soles and heels touching each other in the centre.
  • I will keep both hands straight and rest my hands on knees with thumb and index fingers touching each other.
  • After 10 to 15 seconds , I will take breath out [exhalation] & resume to normal posture.

How does Baddhakonasana help me ?

  • Baddhakonasana strengthens pelvic muscles and inner thigh muscles to bear extra pelvic weight in pregnancy.

Baddhakonasana in pregnancy

Shavasana in pregnancy :

Shavasana in pregnancy:
How do I do Shavasana ?
  • Facing upwards, I will lie down on the back & close my eyes.
  • I will keep both legs and hands apart at a moderate distance.
  • I will relax every part of my body.
  • I will relax my body completely starting from toes of feet and taking my mind to each part of mind.
  • I will give the message to my mind that …
  •           Now my feet are relaxing.
  •           Now my hands are relaxing.
  • Similarly, I will give this message to each and every part of my body.
  • I will give these messages starting from toes till I reach head.
  • I will consciously try to remove all the thoughts from my mind and relax my mind by emptying it.
  • I will maintain this position at least for ten minutes taking a slow & deep breath.

How does Shavasana help me ?

  • 10 minutes of Shavasana everyday is a great relaxant.
  • Shavasana relaxes my body.
  • It relieves my mental stress.
  • It preserves my positive attitude & my confidence, helps to provide more oxygen to my body.
  • Shavasana helps me in a healthy pregnancy, normal delivery and helps in good growth of my dream baby.

Shavasana in pregnancy