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Care to be taken at work during pregnancy :

Garbhakranti work style :

Care to be taken at work during pregnancy

  • Pregnancy does not limit me from working efficiently at office and does not slow down my career progress.Garbhakranti workstyle:
  • Intellectual error, unbalanced use of senses & consequence of time these are the causes of all disorders; similarly the remedy of all disorders consists of balanced use of intellect, senses and time.
  • I should follow the above principle at work.
  • Positive attitude while working will help me to cope up with dual stress, mental as well as physical during pregnancy.
  • Following Garbhakranti Success Path that is lifestyle principles , Yogasana , Pranayama , Abhyanga , proper diet will help me cope up with at work stress during pregnancy.
  • Sitting posture is always important while working to take care of spine.
  • In pregnancy, due to baby weight gain, abdomen of mother protrudes forward.
  • This puts extra burden on spine.
  • Therefore my posture should always be erect.
  • To ensure that my legs get good blood flow & to avoid possibility of varicosity in my legs, there should be a break of couple of minutes for a small walk around after each half an hour to one hour while working.
  • My work attire should be comfortable for me to work.
  • I should never skip my breakfast while going to work in the morning.
  • I should carry fruits , tiffin of dry fruits with me to eat at work during small breaks .
  • I should not eat junk food at office out of temptation as it is not useful for the growth of my dream baby .
  • I should enjoy my work so that my dream baby also enjoys the same.