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Garbhakranti sleep during pregnancy :


  • During pregnancy relaxation is an important demand of my body.
  • Good sleep gives me physical as well as mental energy to work.
  • Good sleep gives me happiness.
  • It provides physical & mental relaxation.
  • To relax, I will lie on either side as shown in picture.
  • These positions minimize pressure on back due to growing weight of my dream baby.
  • Growth hormones get secreted during sleep which rejuvenates my body.
  • Good sleep helps in good growth of my dream baby.
  • I must sleep for minimum 7- 8 hours at night.
  • I should not have excessive sleep during the day, which may affect the development and health of my dream baby.
  • Only a small nap during the day will be helpful.
  • I should not sleep immediately after eating which can increase indigestion.