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Role of my husband in pregnancy :

  • My husband is a great moral support for me.
  • He accompanies me for my gynaecologist’s visits.
  • He talks to our dream baby everyday & feels our dream baby`s movements.
  • My dream baby enjoys the company of my husband a lot.
  • My husband is source of positivity when sometimes I feel low & when I have my pregnancy mood swings.
  • As I am a working woman, he is a great helping hand at home for me.
  • My husband is restrained in terms of sexual relationship as he understands my state of pregnancy.
  • He fulfills my every desire during pregnancy.
  • He ensures that I take the right diet during my pregnancy.
  • My husband also ensures that I take my medicines everyday regularly.
  • My husband does Shirobhyanga [head massage] & Padabhyanga [foot massage] for me every day.
Role of my husband in pregnancy
Role of my husband in pregnancyRole of my husband in pregnancy