Garbhakranti concept :

Yes , I can have my own dream baby !

  • I will adopt ‘ Garbhakranti Success Path’.
  • In today`s competitive world , to excel globally, my dream baby should be intelligent, physically healthy as well as mentally strong.
  • My dream baby should radiate positive energy.
  • Ayurveda gives an answer to this through ‘Garbhakranti Success Path’ !

‘ Garbhakranti Success Path ‘ provides :

  • Garbhakranti preconception [ before pregnancy ] preparation.
  • Garbhakranti positive messages for me and my dream baby.
  • Garbhakranti pregnancy lifestyle :
    • Yogasana & Pranayama
    • Mantra
    • Reading
    • Garbhakranti pregnancy work style.
    • Garbhakranti pregnancy diet.

garbhkranti concept before pregnancy

Ayurveda !

    • Ayurveda which has originated from Veda is the essence of the research of sages & is indeed a marvelous gift given to mankind.


  • The things that one desires in life, like success, profession, money, healthy baby & a long life can be achieved by following Ayurvedic principles.
  • Every human being who desires to have a healthy body & a long life must implement the principles of Ayurveda.
  • The principles of Ayurveda are still contemporary & applicable to the modern human being.
  • Ayurveda has a deep and scientific understanding of the process of baby development.

Ayurveda… answer to preconception preparation & a healthy pregnancy ; way to my dream baby :

Ayurveda... answer to preconception preparation & a healthy pregnancy

  • Woman & man having healthy ovum , uterus , sperm & desirous of an excellent baby can achieve that objective by following Ayurvedic principles.

Ayurveda says ,

Ayurveda... answer to preconception preparation & a healthy pregnancy

  • If a pregnant woman is taken care of as advised by Ayurveda, she will give birth to a child which is in excellent health – physically & mentally strong , radiant and well nourished .
  • This baby will be superior to all in the race of life.

Ayurveda... answer to preconception preparation & a healthy pregnancy

  • Mother and father`s thoughts influence the baby`s mind development.
  • The mother`s lifestyle or behavior & diet influence the baby`s mind.

Ayurveda says

  • Mother & father can influence the baby by the diet , behavior & lifestyle that is adopted by them.

Ayurveda says

  • Mother can decide on development of her own baby by imagining & appropriate actions towards that image of her baby.
  • The quality of the sperm and ovum depends on the thoughts , diet , lifestyle of the parents before pregnancy.

Ayurveda says

  • Till the time baby is in mother`s body , each and every small thing that the mother does affects the baby…….
  • When I breathe , my dream baby gets breath.
  • When I sleep , my dream baby gets rest.
  • When I get angry , my dream baby gets angry.
  • When I am happy , my dream baby is happy.
  • When I am sad , my dream baby is sad.

Ayurveda says

  • It is not only sperm of father and ovum of mother that form the embryo.
  • Incorporation of life principle gives it the status of embryo.
  • Thus , the embryo is formed by combination of………..
  • Sperm [ Father ]
  • Ovum [ Mother ]
  • Life principle [ Jivatma ] implanted in the womb.

Ayurveda says

  • Cohabitation of man bearing a healthy sperm & a woman carrying a healthy ovum during Rutukal [ opportune period ] leads to formation of zygote.
  • Then , Jivatma [ self ] enters into zygote and then embryo is formed.
  • In due course of time , a healthy baby is delivered.

The embryo is influenced by :

  • Mother [ Matruja ]
  • Father [ Pitruja ]
  • Self [ Aatmaja ]
  • Adaptation to environment [ Satmyaja ]
  • Nutrition [ Rasaja ]

and mind is also there as an associate.

Adaptation to environment , Preconception Lifestyle, Preconception Dite, Preconception body

Mother :


  • Mother plays an important role in the formation of the embryo & influences the formation of embryo.
  • Ovum in women is produced from Aartava.
  • Healthy ovum leads to formation of a healthy baby.

Father :


  • Father plays an important role in the formation of the embryo & influences the formation of embryo.
  • Semen in men is produced from Shukra Dhatu.
  • Healthy sperm leads to formation of a healthy baby.

Jivatma [ self principle ] :

self principle

  • Jivatma plays an important role in the formation of the embryo & influences the formation of embryo & after entry of Jivatma , embryo gets life.

Satmyaja :


  • Satmyaja i.e. acquired good things from environment play an important role in the formation of the embryo & influence the formation of embryo.
  • It influences the good health of the baby in life.

Nutrition :


  • Nutrition plays an important role in formation of the embryo & influences the formation of the embryo.

Here is a nature`s miracle that is described in Ayurvedic texts .


  • Just as , to get quality germination,
    • proper season
    • good quality soil
    • sufficient amount of water & nutrients
    • good quality seed are needed
  • Similarly for my dream baby , what is needed is……
    • Rutukal [ period between 12 to 16 days after 1st day of menses ]
    • Kshetra [ healthy mother & a healthy uterus ]
    • Ambu [ good quality , nutritious food taken by mother ]
    • Beej [ healthy ovum & sperm ] are very important.

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