Dont do :

Mom I don’t like this attitude & lifestyle : [Garbhopghatkar Bhav] :

Garbhakranti Preconception Diet
Garbhakranti Preconception Diet

  • As I desire excellent progeny [dream baby], I should particularly abstain from unwholesome [unhealthy] diet and bad behavior.
  • I should observe good conduct.
  • I should take wholesome [healthy] diet and observe good behaviour.

Don’t do lifestyle :

I should control Shadripu [six enemies] which are

  • Kama : Lust
  • Krodha : Anger
  • Lobha : Greed
  • Mada : Ego
  • Moha : Bad desires
  • Matsara : Envy
  • Control on these Shadripu will increase Satva Guna [best & pure qualities] in me and hence in my dream baby.
  • The following things can be very harmful for my dream baby.
  • I should not do them during pregnancy……..
    • I should not sit on roughened, uneven or hard seat.
    • I should not suppress the urge of flatus [gas], urine & faeces [stool].
    • I should not undergo strenuous & unsuitable exercises.
    • I should not bend down from a height / very high rise building.
    • I should not travel on a conveyance with excessive jerks.
    • I should not hear unpleasant words.
    • I should not hear too much noise.
    • I should not lie down on my tummy.
    • I should not indulge in quarrels & fights.
    • I should not have excessive indulgence in sex which may harm my dream baby.
    • I should not have excessive sleep.
    • I should not consume alcohol.
    • I should not smoke.

Urges which SHOULD NOT be suppressed in pregnancy

Garbhakranti Preconception Diet

  • If I have an urge to do the following I should not suppress, postpone / delay them as it will be harmful for my body and my dream baby.

I should not suppress the urge of passing flatus [gas] :

  • Suppression of flatus causes flatulence.
  • It leads to pain in abdomen.

I should not suppress the urge of defecation [stool] :

  • Suppression of urge of stool causes retention of flatus & faeces.
  • It causes colicky pain & headache.
  • It also causes cramps in calf muscles and flatulence.

I should not suppress the urge of urination :

  • Suppression of the urge of urination causes burning in urination & headache.
  • It causes stiffness in groins.

I should not suppress the urge of sneezing :

  • Suppression of urge of sneezing causes stiffness of back , neck & headache.

I should not suppress the urge of thirst :

  • Suppression of urge of thirst causes dryness of throat, mouth & fatigue.

I should not suppress the urge of hunger :

  • Suppression of hunger leads to weakness, disorder of complexion, body ache and loss of appetite.

I should not suppress the urge of eructation :

  • Suppression of eructation causes hiccups, difficulty in breathing, loss of appetite & tremors.

I should not suppress the urge of yawning :

  • Suppression of yawning causes numbness & tremors.

I should not suppress the urge of vomiting :

  • By suppression of urge of vomiting, there is itching , rashes etc.
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