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Drinking water :

Basic principles of drinking water :



I should drink a glass of water every hour.

  • Drinking lots of water removes toxin from my body.
  • Drinking plenty of water keeps me hydrated & fresh.
  • As per Ayurveda, drinking lots of water at appropriate time gives me strength.
  • My dream baby enjoys when I drink lots of water and when I am fresh.
  • I should not drink lots of water before meals.
  • During meal , I should have water in sips as needed.
  • Drinking water during meals is like Amrut.
  • Drinking plenty of water immediately after meals is harmful to me and causes indigestion.

Why should I drink warm water ?


  • I should drink warm water.

  • Hot water is the best.

  • I should not drink cold water.

  • Warm water helps in digestion.

  • Drinking warm water reduces acidity.

  • Warm water is bowel friendly.

  • Chilled water hampers digestion and hence causes acidity.

  • Chilled water is not bowel friendly.