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Basic Principles

What food should I take during pregnancy ?

Food in Pregnancy


  • The type of diet, behavior & lifestyle which is adopted by mother & father affects the baby & results in a similar baby.

  • Every individual on earth needs proper nutrition.

  • Proper nutrition is essential from early stage of life that is prior to conception.

  • Nutrition is a basic need to lead a healthy & active life. Nutritionally adequate diet should be consumed from a variety of foods.

  • Nutrients that we acquire through food have vital effects on physical growth & development, maintenance of normal body function, physical activity & health.

  • Our diet must accomplish all essential nutrients in the required amount.

  • In pregnancy the expectant mother needs additional nutrients to meet the demand for the baby`s growth and maternal tissue expansion.

  • Cereals, millets and pulses are major sources of all essential nutrients.

  • I should eat variety of food to ensure balanced diet.

  • A balanced diet is the one which provides all the nutrients in required amounts and proper proportions.

  • When we talk about pregnancy the diet of every lady should be easy to digest, safe, clean and hygienic.

  • Healthy and positive food concepts and cooking practices should be adopted.

  • The diet during pregnancy should contain larger amounts of tissue building and protective food.

  • The balanced diet for pregnancy contains ample amount of all the vital nutrients required to maintain the health of the pregnant woman & the baby which is developing in her womb.

  • A sensible permutation and combination of cereals, pulses & nuts helps in meeting the protein and energy requirement.

  • I should consume a variety of seasonal vegetables, fruits, milk and milk products to meet the vitamins and minerals requirement.

  • Every day supplements of iron, folic acid etc. as advised by gynecologist are also recommended to preserve proper health.

Garbhkranti diet principles :

  • The food taken in proper quantity provides strength , complexion , happy and quality life.

  • This food nurtures the body and mind, gives feeling of satisfaction.

  • Diet gives …………….

    1. Life

    2. Happiness

    3. Nourishment of body                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

    4. Good complexion

    5. Intelligence

  • One should take food in proper quantity .

  • This quantity of food depends on the power or ability of digestion.

  • Whatever quantity of food taken gets digested in time without disturbing the normalcy should be taken as proper quantity.

  • I should consume fresh & warm food which is easily digestible.

  • Food should not be refrigerated except for those items which are perishable.

  • Vegetables , fruits etc should not be cut and kept in the refrigerators they lose their nutrients on refrigeration.

  • Canned food is much less on nutrition as compared to fresh food.

  • Food with preservatives should be avoided.

  • Warm food is a great appetiser as it stimulates taste buds.

  • I should eat slowly so that the food digests well.

  • I should eat only when the food taken before is completely digested.

  • The food should be taken in good clean hygienic place.

  • While eating , the order should be first sweet food then rest of the food which helps in easy digestion of sweet food.

  • Refrigerated food should be preferably avoided.

Five types of diet are prohibited as per Ayurveda :

Adhyashan :

  • I should not eat immediately after eating meals.

Vishamashan :

  • I should not eat at inappropriate time.

  • I should not take very little food.

Samashan :

  • I should not mix healthy & unhealthy food together.

Anashan :

  • I should not fast for a prolonged period.

Virudhashan :

  • I should not take antagonistic diet.

    For example :

    • Mixing fruits & milk [ in fruit salad]

    • I should not heat curd and eat it.

    • I should not drink cold water after fatty diet.

    • I should not eat uncooked or half cooked food.

I should plan my weekly Garbhkranti diet from :

  • Garbhakranti milk and milk products

  • Garbhakranti cereals

  • Garbhakranti pulses

  • Garbhakranti green leafy vegetables

  • Garbhakranti fruit vegetables

  • Garbhakranti fruits

  • Garbhakranti dry fruits

  • Garbhakranti egg

  • Garbhakranti condiments & spices

I should consume the following :

  • Garbhakranti iron rich food

  • Garbhakranti folic acid rich food

  • Garbhakranti protein rich food

  • Garbhakranti calcium rich food

  • Garbhakranti pro vitamin A rich food

  • Garbhakranti vitamin B 1 rich food

  • Garbhakranti vitamin B 2 rich food

  • Garbhakranti vitamin B 3 rich food

  • Garbhakranti vitamin B 6 rich food

  • Garbhakranti vitamin C rich food

  • Garbhakranti fibre rich food

As per specific conditions , I should plan my weekly diet :

  • Garbhakranti morning sickness friendly pregnancy food

  • Garbhakranti diabetes friendly pregnancy food

  • Garbhakranti heart friendly pregnancy food

  • Garbhakranti stretch marks friendly pregnancy food

  • Garbhakranti breast milk secretion friendly pregnancy food

  • Garbhakranti appetite friendly pregnancy food

  • Garbhakranti bowel friendly pregnancy food

Following special diet will be useful for morning sickness, heart, stretch marks, breast milk secretion, appetite, bowel in pregnancy. For diabetic women, diabetes friendly diet .