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Smoking during pregnancy :

Smoking should not be done at all during pregnancy in any form.

  • I will prohibit my husband from smoking.

  • At office or outside the home, I will not expose myself to people who smoke.

  • Baby`s growth can get reduced due to smoking.

  • Each puff of smoke releases thousands of poisonous chemicals and gases which enter through blood and go to the baby.

  • These poisonous chemicals slow down baby’s brain growth and also slow down overall growth of baby.

  • Smoking is also very harmful for me.

  • Cigarette smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known cancer causing compounds and 400 other toxins.

  • These include :

    1. Nicotine

    2. Tar

    3. Carbon Monoxide

    4. as well as other harmful substances.


Nictotine :

  • Among all, nicotine is very addictive.

  • Nicotine is quickly absorbed and reaches the brain.

  • Nicotine causes release of chemicals which give false feeling of pleasure and energy.

  • Within 30 minutes, this false feeling goes and one feels depressed and tired.

  • The number of cigarettes goes on increasing as the body sets up high tolerance levels for nicotine.

  • Craving for nicotine increases when emotional stress increases.

  • Nicotine is known to cross the placenta reaching levels in the amniotic fluid and reaches baby.

  • Nicotine slows down baby’s growth by narrowing blood vessels through which baby gets nutrition.


Carbon Monoxide :

  • Carbon Monoxide has a higher attraction for hemoglobin than oxygen, quickly forming the compound carboxyhemoglobin which is unable to carry oxygen.

  • The formation of this carboxyhemoglobin in red blood cells leads to a potential for decreased oxygen delivery to the baby and baby suffers due to lack of oxygen.

Harmful effects of smoking on baby :

  • Smoking increases infertility [ less chances of conceiving baby ].

  • Smoking leads to harmful substances like nicotine and carbon monoxide reaching the baby which are harmful to the baby.

  • Smoking decreases oxygen supply to the baby and the baby suffers.

  • It leads to decreased growth of the baby and decreased weight of the baby.

  • Smoking can affect brain development of the baby.

  • Smoking increases chances of abortion.

Harmful effects of smoking on me :

  • Smoking increases stress.

  • Smoking causes bronchospasm [constriction of my airways].

  • It increases cough production.

  • It causes persistent cough.

  • Smoking decreases physical performance.

  • Smoking narrows blood vessels.

  • This increases heart rate & increases workload on heart.

  • it increases blood pressure.

  • Smoking causes gastric reflux & acidity.

  • It can cause peptic ulcer [stomach ulcer].

  • Smoking causes mouth diseases.

  • Smoking weakens immunity [ fighting power ]

Benefits of quitting smoking: It is worthwhile quitting smoking at any stage.

How to quit Smoking ?

  • Quitting smoking is a matter of mind over body.

  • Anyone can quit smoking with the help of will power.

  • Decide firmly that at least for the sake of my baby` s health I will quit smoking.

  • Due to Pranayama increased oxygen is made available in the body.

  • Pranayama also gives the mind power to quit smoking.

  • Craving for smoking can be suppressed by following Pranayama.

  • Following things in Garbhakranti Success Path will definitely help to quit smoking :

    1. Following Garbhakranti lifestyle.

    2. Doing regular Yogasana.

    3. Doing regular Pranayama.

    4. Doing regular Meditation.

  • Meditation increases will power & brings about physical changes in body which help to quit smoking.