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Alcohol consumption during pregnancy :



  • Alcohol should not be consumed during pregnancy at all.

  • Any drink containing alcohol should not be consumed during pregnancy.

  • Alcohol is just like a poison; alcohol gets directly assimilated into blood.

  • The consumption of alcohol during pregnancy may give birth to a baby who is thirsty, poor in memory and unstable in mind.

  • When the pregnant woman consumes alcohol, so does her baby.

  • Alcohol ingestion during pregnancy may cause Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, a permanent and often devastating birth defect syndrome.

  • It is harmful for baby`s growth.

  • Alcohol during pregnancy may cause impaired brain development in baby which can be irreversible.


How to quit alcohol ?

  • Quitting alcohol is a matter of mind over body.

  • Anyone can quit alcohol with the help of will power.

  • Decide firmly that at least for the sake of my baby` s health I will quit alcohol before I plan to get pregnant.

  • Following things in Garbhakranti Success Pathwill definitely help to quit alcohol :

  • Following Garbhakranti lifestyle

  • Doing regular Yogasana.

  • Doing regular Pranayama.

  • Doing regular Meditation.

  • Meditation increases will power & brings about physical changes in body which help in quitting alcohol.